Buildings and Churches : New national Committee Member

Michael Perigo 10:34am Nov 9
Also we have a new national committee member. Prof Harmon (sorry I don't have any additional info on him) is, I believe, an art historian who has studied the work of Bro Adrian for years. All the various things we're planning are things he envisioned might come to pass one day. He is going to be doing additional research to identify other AW churches. He may also develop a catalog and a DVD. So there are really exciting things developing. If you're a SH parish member who has joined this group, we will want to have your active help in some of these.

Buildings and Churches : St. Elizabeth Hospital

from Michael Perigo
We learned that Bro Adrian also designed the original part of St Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette (maybe the chapel and motherhouse wing, too, but not sure). It's now called Franciscan Health St Elizabeth Central Hospital. In addition to "St E", he of course designed Sacred Heart and Saint Meinrad Archabbey Church (church not monastery) and St Anthony of Padua in Evansville. All in Indiana.